Oky martinia Yanti

Kenangan terindah

Pertama Kak lovisa dan Kak Stina datang ke Medan, kami sangat senang untuk menyambut kedatangan mereka. Dan ketika saat itu juga kami kaget, dan sangat kaget untuk kedatangan mereka berdua, karna kami tak sangka dengan kedatangan mereka.
Okey aku langsung to the poin untuk pengalaman ini, semenjak kedatangan Kak Lovisa dan Kak Stina, kami banyak bermain dengan mereka, dan mereka bisa membuat kami sangat terhibur. Kami foto bersama, buat sesuatu bersama, dan menggambar bersama. Apalagi Kak Stina yang imut dan lucu. Dan kami juga sangat berterima kasih banyak, atas semua pemberian mereka berdua, mereka jauh-jauh dari negara mereka, hanya untuk memberkati kami di Medan. Dan sebenarnya kami sangat rindu dengan Kak Lovisa, karna ia tak datang lagi ke Medan. Apalagi kami sudah anggap mereka berdua sebagai kakak kandung kami sendiri. Apa lagi aku, sangat sayang ama Kak Stina dan Kak Lovisa. Karena ketika mereka pergi nanti pasti mereka tak bisa balik lagi kesini dan hanya ini yang bisa kami beri untuk mereka berdua. Semoga dihari yang akan datang kita dapat bertemu kembali. Dan bisa bersama kembali di rumah ini.

Kak Stina and Kak Lovisa, walaupun kita jauh tetap ingat-ingat kami di medan ya...
Dan kami juga sangat menyayangi kakak. Pokoknya semenjak kedatangan Kak Lovisa dan Kak Stina di Medan kami sangat senang dan sangat senang. Dan banyak pengalaman yang kami dapat dari mereka. Walaupun kami ngomong tak begitu mengerti satu sama lain, dan kami tetap enjoy, dan saling sayang satu ama lain.
Sampai sini dulu ya pengalaman yang sesingkat ini lain waktu kita sambung lagi.......

Beautiful memories

For the first time sister Stina and sister Lovisa come to Medan, we are very pleased to welcome their arrival. And we were a bit shocked, and very shocked for their visiting, because their visiting was a suprize for us
Okey I am going straight to the point of this experience, since the arrival of sister Lovisa and sister Stina, we have play a lot of game with them, and they can make us very entertained. We took pictures together, create something together, and drawing together. Moreover, sister Stina so cute and funny. And we are also very grateful for them, for all things they gave to us, they came so far away from their country, only to bless us in the Medan. And in fact we are greatly missed sister Lovisa, because she did not come back to the Medan for the second time. Especially because we already consider them both as our own sister. Especially for me, I really love sister Stina and sister Lovisa. Because, when they leave this country later, certainly couldn't come back here again. This letter only we can provide for both of them. I hope that we will see you again. And can be together again in this house.

Sister Stina and sister Lovisa, although we are far from you but please remember us in the Medan, OK..
And I want you to know that we are also love you both so much. Substantially since sister Lovisa and Sister Stina arrived in Medan, we have a great days and so so happy. And a lot of experience that we got from them. Although, we cant quite understand each other, but we still enjoy, and still love each other.
This is just a little bit experience, next time we will continue it again .......